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Window treatment is one of the most challenging tasks that home owners come across in their daily struggle to improve the outlook of their homes. However, we are here precisely to ensure that your home improvement is not a struggle and being the specialists in window treatment that we are, you can count on us to transform your home by giving you great tips that will change your house from "okay" to amazing. Having identified the best curtains for their homes, the one thing that most people find challenging is the right length to go for. There is no standard length that is suitable for room set-ups. Rather, the mood and ambience you want to create should inform both the type of curtain you go for and its length. For a romantic set-up such as that which you would probably like in your bedroom or dining room, you should ensure that the curtains or draperies do not just touch the floor, but you should create an impression that they are sort of flowing by allowing them to puddle. For a more formal yet classy appearance, just ensure that they reach floor length but do not puddle on the floor. Casual and relaxed appearance of rooms can be achieved by going for curtains that are just long enough to cover the window length.

The power of curtains and draperies for home makeover

Curtains and draperies give you the power to improve the aesthetics of even the most average-looking windows. We are here to give you easy DIY tips on how to use draperies and curtains to do magic to your windows and by extension, your rooms as well. Whether you are daring enough to have windows that bold and classic designs, arch windows or just the formal window designs, we have a host of experts who are always ready to give you the way forward in improving your home living using the power of your windows and draperies. So your window looks plain and boring as a result of the manner in which it was designed and fixed? You don't have to worry about a think as long as we have your back. We have amazing tips that are specifically designed for discerning home owners like you. These are affordable and easy to do ways of going about transforming dull windows into great-looking structures that will give your room the panoramic view that it deserves to have.

Transforming your windows

Special window effects can be created using readily available and affordable materials such as frosted glass, smoked glass or simple glass-blocking. All these will not only work towards enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your window, but our techniques are also aimed at ensuring that the quality of light that enters your room is just alright and that you are able to maintain your privacy from the prying eyes of passers-by. All these are aimed at helping you to improve the aesthetics of your window and by extension your house without spending much regardless of whether your window is too wide, too short, too narrow or too long. Don't forget to contact us in case you are in need of handymen to come help you fix any window-related issues that you are unable to handle.     


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