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Window Treatments Made Easy

Window Treatments Made Easy

Windows are an extremely important feature in any room. The give a good look to the room and ensure that there is passage available for light and air to enter. From an interior design perspective, windows are best covered up. The reason for this is that it offers you the chance to increase the aesthetic value of the window as well as the room. Using different means of window treatments, you can match the color and style of your windows with the other interior design elements present in the room. There are a number of different types of window treatments available that can be used for decorating windows. Some of them are easy to install while others require a considerable amount of investment.

Types of Window Treatments

Generally speaking, there are basically two types of window treatments that can be used for giving your windows a new and fresh look without having to spend too much money.

Hard Window Treatments

As its name suggests, hard window treatments are made from materials that are hard and not easy to budge like vinyl or wood. These window treatments are usually suitable for large windows that don’t need to be opened regularly. Some of the types of hard window treatments that can enhance the aesthetic value of your windows include:

1.    Window Shutters
Window shutters are rigid structures that are framed around the windows. They offer a unique style and aesthetic beauty to the windows. These shutters are usually available in a number of colors to match the color of the room. You can find window shutters in either wood or poly resin. Visit to find out more about affordable and stylishly made window shutters that can give your home a great new look.

2.    Window Blinds
Window blinds are a little different from shutters. They offer you control over the amount of light that is to be permitted into the room. Moreover, they also block the view of the people from the outside. Unlike the window shutters, blinds can be easily moved up and down the windows. You can find exciting design ideas on how to use windows blinds from My home ideas.

3.    Window Shades
Shades are another type of hard window treatment that can give your windows a remarkable new look. They are made from fabric which is then installed over the windows in the form of a shade. Suitable for providing windows with a modern look, shades come in various sizes and designs. is the best place for you to find out more about roman shades and how they can be used for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your windows.  

Soft Window Treatments

Soft window treatments on the other hand are made from soft materials like fabric. These treatments are ideal for any type of window and don’t cost that much. The most commonly used types of soft window treatments include:

1.    Curtains
Curtains are one of the oldest means of covering windows. Usually made from cloth or fabric, the curtain’s main aim is to restrict light and air from entering the room as well as providing privacy to the people present inside the room. Curtains are available in many designs and patterns too and can be installed on any kind of windows with considerable ease.


2.    Drapes
Drapes are similar to curtains but are far more elaborate than them. While a curtain is simple a piece of patterned cloth that is hung in front of a window, a drape is made from a rich material like velvet or satin and covers the entire frame of the window. Read more about how to dress bay windows using curtains and drapes from this website.

Window Treatment Tips for Renters

Renters are always on the move and therefore don’t really need to invest that heavily into window treatments. They need to be able to pack up their window treatment with them so that they can install them easily in their new home. That being said renters too can use window treatments to give new look to their current residence. The following are some tips regarding Renters window treatments that can prove to be of use to you.

Always keep renter-friendly hanging essentials with you so that you can install any type of curtain, drape or blind on a short notice.

When buying curtains make sure that you buy them long. This way even if your windows are small, you can hem them up to stop them from hugging the floor.

You can make slight adjustments of your own to curtains and drapes with considerable ease. Adding ribbon trims or new hanging hardware can give even old curtains a brand new look.

Using homemade shades can prove to be a great alternative for curtains. You can come up with exciting new designs of roman shades by yourself by using DIY techniques.

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